Field of Study/Qualifications

Main activities


  • Management of the WOW (worms obliterate waste) project, to run three vermiculture master plans in Banke, in the Kathmandu Valley and Jhapa
  • Plan out and launch the “Cheese and Smile” project: setting up a cheese factory, as an operational and training center
  • Plan out and launch the “Agricultural School” project at the Temple of  Tripureshwar Mahadev


  • Architectural maintenance and renovation of a historical building, the Temple of Tripureshwar Mahadev, part of the Nepali cultural heritage, to return to the local community and to recover Street Children from deprivation and deep poverty
  • Construction of appropriate structures to relocate and host the squatters settled actually in the Temple of Tripureshwar Mahadev
  • Development and research on renewable energy solutions (biofuel, hydro-power, etc)

Computer Engineering

  • Implementation of structures and services functional to the projects

Communication Studies

  • Organization of the “Concert in the Dark, a concert performed by blind people to make the public opinion aware of the blindness' conditions
  • Management of the international and Nepali press relationships


  • Project Management of international trade products such as: cashmere, silver, marble and other valuable Nepali products

Education Studies

  • Collaboration with the “Hamro Ghar” (Our Home) project, which has the purpose to help and support Street Children in the Kathmandu Valley

Mining Engineering

  • Contribute to the startup of the implementation of a mining project in two quarries of onyx and jasper

Italian Literature

  • Launch and develop a linguistic center of “Dante Alighieri” (Including PLIDA) in Nepal


  • Research on Human Rights in Nepal
  • Legal management of the contracts


  • First aid and medical treatment for street children in the medical clinic in Pashupati
  • First aid and surgery treatment of uterine prolapse in camps in remote areas
  • Screening campaigns in the villages and in the schools, providing clinical diagnosis and first aid intervention

Political Sciences and International Relations

  • Plan, develop, monitor and evaluate projects
  • Manage the institutional relations within Nepal
  • Manage the international institutional relations


  • Assist Street Children
  • Assist the orphans of the care home
  • Support children involved in projects against child labor