Past, Present and Future


HELP/Nepal (Human Environmental League for Preservation) is a Nepali NGO, established in 1995 in Banke District by former United Nations Volunteers, within the framework of the Nep-091/042-UNV/UNDP/SWC project.

Initially, its principal aim was that of strengthening and supporting local NGO’s working for rural socio-economic development and poverty alleviation. For the purpose, HELP/Nepal defined and carried out projects centred on female empowerment and capacity building of the Midwestern area of Nepal.

From 2000, due to the raging conflict, HELP/Nepal’s ordinary work in the Terai was greatly hindered. For this reason, in March 2005 the NGO opened its offices in Kathmandu, maintaining constant relations with Banke District, continuing its activities therewith.

Furthermore, from 2008, HELP Nepal Europa ONLUS, our NGO’s European sister based in Bologna, Italy, is providing supportive expertises and fundraising.

IAs of now, HELP/Nepal upholds its operative offices in the country’s capital and has re-opened in 2006 its offices in Nepalgunj.

Furthermore, from last quarter of 2008, HELP/Nepal Europa, the NGO’s European sister based in Rome, Italy, is providing supportive expertises and fundraising.

For what concerns the aim of HELP/Nepal’s projects, throughout the years, the NGO increasingly focused its intervention on programs providing assistance to women, children and other vulnerable and discriminated groups and communities, deprived of their basic human rights or confined to extreme poverty conditions.

Currently, HELP/Nepal’s projects are carried out within the Kathmandu Valley and bordering Districts, as well as within the Midwestern area of Nepal. All projects target:

Children, through recovery of street children, health and education programs

Gender equality and capacity building

Development in terms of water and sanitation and income generation projects

The global results of the past three years in Kathmandu have demonstrated that working directly in two neuralgic areas of the country strongly eases the NGO’s commitment of bringing direct aid to Nepal’s needy. HELP/Nepal was in fact able to implement various socio-economic programs in both the Kathmandu Valley and in the Midwest, strongly supported by an impressively increased professional staff and by excellent and distinguished partners.

For the future HELP/Nepal intends working directly in both areas, in accordance to its mission, principles and values. The activities which are envisaged consist in:

With the already launched Hamro Pul project, as well as with the fundraising network envisaged through HELP Nepal Europa, the NGO will certainly be able to concretely apply its expertise to the fulfilment of its mission.