Mission, Vision, Principles


Responding to inhuman life conditions, HELP/Nepal strives to restore the dignity of the human being and the dignity of work, acting on the field with and for the last.


The inherent belief underlying all of HELP/Nepal’s projects is that to overcome poverty, all individuals must envisage the hope of decent living conditions, the opportunity of providing for themselves and the means of accessing an alternative to their present condition.


Dignity of the human person

The dignity of each individual is our fundamental value. We reject the reification of the poor and seek to make them not objects of our pity but subjects of their own development and agents of change.

Option for the poor and the unprivileged

We commit ourselves to fight dehumanising poverty and discrimination, promoting the rights of the poor, gender equality and child rights. We entrust ourselves to restoring their sense of co-responsibility in building a better world.


Our undertakings and our relations with other institutions are guided by solidarity. We believe it relies in empathy, and not sympathy, and therefore implies viewing the world through the eyes of the last.


We intend being in solidarity not only with the people, but with the whole of creation, and thus promote environmental sustainability and capacity building.


From grassroots to global

We listen to the voice of the silent, the poor and the unprivileged, if and when necessary speak on their behalf, and, above all, provide them with the means to speak for themselves.


We respond to local needs in full respect of the principle of local autonomy. We therefore act in collaboration for the effective pursuit of our common mission.


We intend sharing and acquiring experiences and ideas, with the aim of translating this learning into effective action.

Partnership and Cooperation

We seek to work on the basis of partnership, through long-term commitment to agreed objectives, based on shared values, strategies and information. For this reason we esteem cooperation with other entities working for our same objectives and sharing our vision.


We witness to our vision not only in words but in deeds, aware of our obligation to transparency and accountability. In our witnessing, we will ensure that our communication, within and outside our organisation will conform to our guiding values and principles.