HELP/Nepal (Human Environmental League for Preservation) is a Nepali NGO, established in 1995 in Banke District by former United Nations Volunteers, within the framework of the Nep-091/042-UNV/UNDP/SWC project.

Initially, its principal aim was that of strengthening and supporting local NGO’s working for rural socio-economic development and poverty alleviation. For the purpose, HELP/Nepal defined and carried out projects centred on female empowerment and capacity building of the Midwestern area of the country.

From 2000, due to the raging conflict, HELP/Nepal’s ordinary work in the Terai was greatly hindered. For this reason, in March 2005 the NGO opened its offices in Kathmandu, maintaining constant relations with Banke District, continuing its activities therewith.

As of now, HELP/Nepal upholds its operative offices in the country’s capital and has re-opened in 2006 its offices in Nepalgunj.