HELP/Nepal ascertains its own sustainability through fundraising activities, mainly carried out at HELP/Nepal Europa, and through a specific project, Hamro Pul (Our Bridge).


Hamro Pul promotes the export of high quality Nepali products manufactured by companies working on a fair-trade basis.


HELP/Nepal acts as an intermediary, through the company Asha Ko Biu (Seeds of Hope), between the local identified producers, of whom, and the international distributors and wholesalers, to whom, we ascertain the ethicality of the working and production conditions.


75% Asha Ko Biu's revenues are directly remitted to HELP/Nepal and entirely destined to finance the HELP/Nepal's projects. The remaining 25% are used for sustainability and development of Asha Ko Biu.


The results obtained through this project are:



Object of trade in the project's framework are all high quality and traditional Nepali products.


Specifically, they consist in the following products:



We are nowadays setting up our e-commerce shop
to let you enjoy the mystical flavour of Nepal
together with the awareness to contribute to a better world

Come back soon!

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